You can help. Believe in the Children, who doesn't believe in themselves.

What three words describe you best?


This was the answer Zosia gave to one of the questions in her application to the Academy of the Future. Sadly, she must have heard those words so often that in her mind they became true.

We are here to help Children like her – without self-confidence and with low self-esteem. Thanks to their individual weekly meetings with a Tutor Children start to discover their own worth and potential. They learn how to overcome relationship obstacles all on their own. They recognize their strengths. They become ready to enter their adult life with their heads held high and without fear. They are ready to realise their dreams – all thanks to the support of our Benefactors.

You can also help. Believe in the Child.

By sponsoring the Academy of the Future you can give a Child a better future.

About the Academy

The Academy of the Future helps children who do not believe in themselves and suffer from low self-esteem. We bolster their self-confidence and help them develop their strengths through weekly meetings with an individual Volunteer.

The goal of the Academy is to help the children overcome their difficulties by themselves and look towards the future with hope. We want them to realize their potential, their dreams and aspirations.

The Children we help


do not believe in themselves


have low grades


have academic results inadequate to their abilities


have difficult relationships with their peers


are shy


have a difficult family situation

How do we help the children?


By collaborating with schools, we reach out to Children who struggle with their course work, have relationship issues or suffer from low self-esteem.


Every such Child is appointed a personal Volunteer, who meets them once a week for an individual session.


The aim of the Volunteer is to recognize what the true reason for the Child’s difficulties is and to find a solution together with the Child. Then, together they try to develop the strengths of the child.


The Child is guaranteed individual attention with the work being carried out according to the tried and tested methodology developed by the Academy.


The achievements of the Child, both big and small, are then entered into the Record Book of Success funded by the Benefactor.

You too can help change a Child’s story. Help together with the Academy.

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The rules for working with
Children at the Academy of the Future

Instead of belittling –
motivate and appreciate
Instead of smothering –
set up challenges
Instead of lecturing –
design learning experiences
Instead of patronising –
empower decision making
Instead of criticising the past –
look ahead and see the potential
Instead of judging –
listen, understand the reasons why and respond to them

What does the Academy provide for the Children
(thanks to the support of the Benefactors)

Weekly individual meetings with a Volunteer
The Record Book of Success
to record the big and small achievements of the Child
A starter kit at the beginning of the edition
Safe, tried and tested methodologies of the Academy
A chance to participate in special ceremonies such as the Inauguration or Children’s Day
The possibility to take part in cultural events and meetings with interesting people

How does the Academy
change the Children’s lives?


Children have new dreams and goals


Children are more confident


Children believed in themselves


Children find it easier to talk to adults


Children are more willing to learn

We would not be able to achieve all this without the help of the Benefactors!

The dreams of the Children
of the Academy of the Future

to be immortal and rich in order to help people Adrian, 13 lat

for all children to be happy Mikołaj, 11 lat

for my mum to be happy Julia, 11 lat

to fly into space Anastazja, 12 lat

to save people Daniel, 11 lat

to become a pilot in the air-force Dominik, 12 lat

to become a best friend Nadia, 8 lat

to get a good job and be independent Wiktoria, 13 lat

for all sick people to be healthy Kacper, 10 lat

You can also help. Believe in the Child.

The Benefactor plays an important role in the Academy. They support an chosen Child and watch how the Child changes thanks to the Benefactor’s involvement (also financial - through the funding of the Record Book of Success). Benefactor’s support sends an important message to the Child that there is someone who believes in them. This notion gives the Child additional motivation.

As many as 58% of the Academy’s new pupils have low self-esteem and do not believe in their own capabilities. The Benefactors’ support has already allowed us to help 18,000 pupils since 2003. The 2023/2024 program alone will provide help to 1850 Children.

You can help too - support the Academy of the Future, please.

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about the Academy and supporting Children?

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